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Avengers Infinity war characters: Thanos’ character reemerges

Avengers Infinity war characters: Thanos’ character reemerges
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The Marvel Super villain Thanos has not really been given much prominence in the previous Marvel films. Though this character had his presence marked in the first of the series of ‘Avengers’ and ‘Avengers: age of ultron’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, and it has still failed to capture the audience because of very low relevance in the movie.

Josh Brolin who has played the role of Thanos in all the previous Marvel Ventures is now open to talk about his role and shed some light into the extraordinary powers of the villain. He said that he is in talks with the team to plan a detailed character of Thanos and connect it with the stories of the rest of the superheroes.


Josh said that it was exciting and unnerving at the same time to play the role of Thanos. He has complete faith in the Marvel team and knows for sure that character will turn out to be great in the part 1 of Avengers: Infinity war. He is currently in talks with the team to come up with a path the character will follow over the next few years.

Fans are really looking forward to see this character showcased more clearly and relevantly in next movie. They also have concerns as to how much of it would Josh be able to pull off as this is not some role that he has previously performed anywhere.

Thanos, a creation of Jim Starlin is a mutant member of the superhuman race called the Titanians eternals. He does not breathe, eat or drink but possesses uncanny telepathic powers. He is capable of absorbing and projecting cosmic energy that kills his victims instantly.

Avengers: Infinity War will be coming up in two parts, one in 2018 and the other one in 2019 and will for the first time introduce this character in a lot more detail and make sure that it becomes popular between the fans who had expressed a desire to see him connected to the other superheroes more profusely.

Though the movie is far away, the excitement for it has already started building with Josh Brolin speaking about Thanos and how challenging it was for him to do justice to his role as he had never done anything like it before.

We are still looking for any updates from the marvel Studios that might help in unraveling the mystery behind this Superhero.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 10:27 am

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