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Avengers: Infinity war character cast count rises to 67

Avengers: Infinity war character cast count rises to 67
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Marvel is coming up with an extremely ambitious and supersized project with the Avengers: Infinity war. This movie is set to follow the previous Avengers, Age of Ultron and will be coming out in two parts starting with the first one in 2018, with the next one to follow soon in 2019. This grand project will keep the spotlight on Marvel for quite some time.

Everything about this movie is big and impressive and we didn’t expect anything less from Marvel. The direction for this project required two people, Joe and Anthony Russo to act in tandem for the successful execution of this Superhero fiesta. The story writing also required more than one person, Christopher Markus and Steven McFeely and now we know why.


The movie has already grabbed attention of Marvel fans around the world simply for the massive scale on which it is being directed and now they seem to have thrown caution to the wind by declaring a total of 67 characters that are all set to appear in the movie!

67 characters is a whopping number and this has really kicked up a storm among the fans. There is huge excitement to see such an extensive collection of superheroes to appear in a single movie. If Marvel manages to make every character relevant and well connected to the story, it can without doubt be hailed as the god of Comics, but for that we have to wait for the release of Infinity Wars.

The Avengers series has featured about a dozen superheroes in the earlier films and dozens more can be picked up from the TV shows and the animated versions. But even after counting all of them, it certainly doesn’t add up to 67. We are definitely missing something here.

This news is still clouded by this mystery. Is marvel introducing new characters? Or are they planning on resurrecting the dead and gone? Speculations are strife and there not many answers provided as of yet but no one can stop people from guessing how will it turn out to be.

The directors and writers are going to have a really tough time in weaving up a sensible story around 67 characters that will do justice to every single one of them. We are sincerely hoping Marvel doesn’t lose it in the process of pulling off this huge project and disappoint its fans.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 10:21 am

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