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Avengers infinity war part 1 story: 2 Avengers might not be in movie

Avengers infinity war part 1 story: 2 Avengers might not be in movie
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Avengers Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2 in 2018 and 2019 will bring a change to all the MCU movies that will follow it. Oodles of changes will visit the movie and the audience is all braced up for the release of Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1. The Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s line-up will be drastically different by the time we get there. Apparently, Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 will see Captain America and Thor will be out of the team.

Talking about the pivotal character of Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1, Captain America, who will be playing a significant role in the movie, it is assumed that he will be nearing an end in this movie. Steve Rogers will be facing tough competition over Captain America as has been the case in the comic book. As the title of the movie suggests, Captain America: Civil War, the fear that Steve will be in trouble is warranted. Captain America will reportedly be killed by Crossbones in Captain America 3.


While the stand of Captain America in Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 has been cleared above, the situation with Thor is different and stands at crossroad. Thor Ragnarok will release in 2017, and apart from its Norse apocalyptic theme, the story line is insufficient. The Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1’c character Thor will attack Asgard to gain all the Infinity Gauntlets and there will be a lot of destruction which will see a lot of Asgardians get killed and resurrected. Thor will either lose his powers in the movie or will somehow end up in some kind of “galactic prison.”

This time around, Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 will be more on the story-line rather than its characters. There will be one or more new entrants and the rest will be the same as earlier. Marvel surely knows how to keep its audience fascinated and excited and it is not going to keep overhauling movies with same line-up of stars. Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 has a long-term plan to entertain its audience. MCU has matured over time and the new innovations and experiments that it would be conducting on Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 will surely prove to be a treat for the fans. The speculations being made over Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 will get clear once the movie is released in 2018. MCU has always made prudent movies such that even the unrealistic comic stories appear to aptly fit into the mechanism of real life feasibility. We hope Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1 sets new standards for MCU’s innovation and its skillful synthesis is applauded once again.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 9:48 am

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